Rucksack to Briefcase for Realtors (Kindle Edition)


If you are looking for a way to go from boots to closing deals in the real estate industry…look no further!

Transitioning from the military to the civilian world is a significant challenge, especially when aiming for success in the real estate industry. Every year, more than 250,000 servicemembers, driven by a deep-seated desire for a fulfilling post-military career, find themselves navigating uncharted territory. The lack of a clear roadmap often leads to struggles in securing the right role – one that aligns with their aspirations in terms of scope, responsibility, and salary.

In “Rucksack to Briefcase for Realtors,” Retired Chief Warrant Officer 3 Dylan Raymond provides a definitive guide tailored specifically for servicemembers looking to thrive in the real estate industry. Drawing on his personal journey and victories in the real estate space, Raymond offers a comprehensive toolkit designed to ease the transition and empower veterans to succeed in their civilian careers.